Memento Mori, made of ivory and ebony. From the collection of the Schnütgen Museum, Cologne.
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Windy – Fallen Fruit from Frisland. Painting by John Kørner.
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Greek Vase.Made for Frieze New York.
Photograph by Daniel Gordon.
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Daniel Gorden has just won the Foam Paul Huf Award 2014.

Amazon: アメリカ様 (ちくま学芸文庫) [文庫]: 宮武 外骨

A cropped version of this is bouncing around tumblr with 2,863 notes and listed as “unknown.” It comes from this guest post of Polish album covers on 50 Watts.
The Day Returns too Soon (2013).
Painting by Kaye Donachie.
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Lots of challenges. 
Screenprint by Boyoun Kim.
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By Irena Tuwim & Monika Halunak (2010).
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Robots! (1967).
From a series of Russian magazine covers.Found here.
Rosy Fingered Dawn at Louse Point (1963).
Painting by Willem de Kooning.
I returned to look at the real thing at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam yesterday. It is hard to do justice to the colors here.
Image scanned from Willem de Kooning – The North Atlantic Light 1960-1983, published by Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 1983.
The Youth from Atikythera, 340 B.C.
From a publication by the National Archeological Museum of Athens.
Furðudýr. Collage by Erró.
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Antrapyreen Kristallen. 
Photopgraph from De Wereld van de Chemie, published by Het Spectrum n.v., Utrecht/Antwerpen (1968).
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