“No one could think an evil thought while looking up”From Kitecraft and kite tournaments Charles M. Miller (1915).
Found here.
Dancing Birds.By Myra Kukiiyaut/Irene Taviniq.
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Comparative Anatomy.
From Pierre Belon’s Book of Birds (1555).
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Poultry Blend. (תערובת עופות)
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Wereld - Populair Wetenschappelijk Maandblad, mei 1954.
Design by Daniel Kent.
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Detective Club.
Back cover of La Serrure et la Clé by Frank Gruber.
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Dutch Birds.
Illustration from a bird watchers guide.
See cover here.
Dodo (Raphus cucullatus).From Historia naturae, maxime peregrinae, libris XVI by Juan Eusebio Nieremberg,  1635.
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A leather-bound birdwatching guide from my dad’s library.
David Barth has Asperger syndrome.
There are 397 male birds in this drawing of which ten year old David knows all the Latin names.
Found at 50 Watts.
Migration of Birds
Book cover illustration by Bob Hines (1952).
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Menu designed by Tom Eckersley (1967).
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Magazine cover for Cocorico (December, 1901).
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