La Lectrice Soumise by Magritte.
Found here.
Beast-tamer.  Illustration on the back of a vintage booklet about animals.  From my personal collection .

Oscar Niemeyer | brasil | patterntiles (via Pinterest)
Inside the Deep Sea.
From If You Could See Inside (1948) by Marie Neurath.Illustrations by Gerd Arntz.
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Wifredo Lam, Satan, 1942
It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles G. Shaw, Harper and Row, 1947.
Found at Stopping Off Place.
Study for Meschers by Ellsworth Kelly.
Found here.
One Patch.Quilt by Essie B. Pettway (1973).
Found here.
Found this at the book market today for 20 cents!
The Lost Queen of Egypt by Lucile Morrison.With ‘decorations’ by Franz Geritz.

Papercut by Henning Wagenbreth.
Blue and White Rythm (1987) by Yaacow Agam.
Found at theeyestheysee.

Popsicles by PutPut
Osaka Aquarium, Ring of Fire.
Poster by Ikko Tanaka.
Found here.
Tylko Umarły Odpowie.
Movie poster by Waldemar Swierzy.
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