From Fascinating Experiments in Physics by François Cherrier.
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Life, September 23, 1946
Douze Ans d’Art Contemporain en France (1972).Design by Roman Cieslewicz.
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Ceramic plate by Philip Eglin.
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The Hand of God (ca. 1123), a fresco from the ceiling of Sant Climent de Taull, Barcelona; on display at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Barcelona.
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Screen print by Michiel Schuurman voor De Service Garage.
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Piet Dieleman, index nr 2011.3.6.022 (2011), 103 x 71 cm, monotype op khadi-paper, ingelijst
Made this card for my friends’ newborn.
Whoohoo! I’m on my way to Iceland.Be back soon.
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Inside the Deep Sea.
From If You Could See Inside (1948) by Marie Neurath.Illustrations by Gerd Arntz.
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Hof-Chilbi Wyl.
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Human Performance.
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