The weather today, 111 years ago.
Witterung des 2. Januar 1901, Heiterer, kühler Wintertag.
German weather map.Found here.
Photograph of a snowflake by Wilson Alwyn Bentley (ca. 1900).
World without water.
(Den Aardkloot van water ontbloot, na twee zijden aante sien.)Dutch, 1690.
Found here.
Around the World.
Found here.
Symbol of Power.
Seen at the MAS in Antwerp.
The Music of Jerome Kern.
Found at Project Thirty-Three.
Logo by Hi Visuelle Gestaltung, Luzern.
Found here.
 Zion National Park, Utah.Photo probably by J.K. Hillers (1872).
Found here.
Les Vers Noirs No. 23, Tapisserie D’Aubusson.Tapestry by Alexander Calder.
Found here (via gilliflower).
Maturation sequence.
Illustration by Dorothy Sturm for The Morphology of Human Blood Cells by Lemuel Diggs.Found here.
Time.Published for the Schools Council by MacDonald Educational Ltd., London, 1972-1973.
Found here.
Eye color chart.
From Instructions générales pour les récherches anthropologiques à faire sur le vivant, by Paul Broca - Paris, Masson, 1879.
Found here.
Circus wagon wheel.
Found here.