This exuberant binding of Modern French Painters (1929) conveys some of the excitement surrounding the dissemination of modern art in the early 20th century. Writing at a time when modern art could provoke intense debate, author Jan Gordon intended “to put into plainly intelligible language the ideas behind and the developments of…’Modern Art.’ I wished that my readers should understand what I was saying, even if they did not agree with me.” Reflecting on the dynamism of the movement, he concluded, “If the public can assimilate all that it has recently received, it will be able to assimilate all that it will receive for a century or so.” - jt

Amazon: アメリカ様 (ちくま学芸文庫) [文庫]: 宮武 外骨
Robots! (1967).
From a series of Russian magazine covers.Found here.
Fondation Ça Ira. Bulletin Numéro 34, Juillet 2008.Portrait of Maurice Gauchez by Pierre-Louis Flouquet (1928).
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Introduction to The Theory of Probability and Statistics.Book cover design by Colangelo Studios (1966).
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Royal Academy of Arts Magazine.Design by Micha Weidman Studio.
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Geschichte der Mechanischen Prinzipien und ihrer wichtichsten Anwendungen by István Szabó (1976). Design by Albert Gomm.
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Jean-Luc Godard on the cover of Film Appreciation Journal (電影欣賞) published in Taiwan, 1989.
Douze Ans d’Art Contemporain en France (1972).Design by Roman Cieslewicz.
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The New Yorker, Jan 8. 1927.Illustration by Ilonka Karasz.
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GAZ votre guide.
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Pegam in Lambergar, an OHO publication from 1968.
"The OHO group was the most active, daring and innovative phenomenon on the Slovenian art scene during the 1960’s."
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Flames in the Sky by Pierre Clostermann.Cover art by Abram Games.