Dick Elffers, 1972
Test print for Dutch stamp designs (1972) by Dick Elffers.
The Art of Protest, Posters 1965 - 1975. Edited by Steef Davidson, in collaboration with Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, published by In de Knipscheer (1981). Graphic design by Josje Pollmann.
“When people are making history, when the writing is on the wall, posters are the medium to popularize change. A process of consciousness development freeze-framed in these images will be conveyed to the viewer.”
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J’Accuse. ‘33-‘45: over verzet toen en nu: de idealen.Poster by Opland, 1985.
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Bas Jan Ader, 1970.
Mask by Bertjan Pot. Found here.
All masks by Bertjan Pot can be seen on his tumblr.
Vlisco super wax fabric design.
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Het Simplisties Verbond (The Simplistic League).
Logo designed in 1974 by Leendert Stofbergen for Van Kooten & De Bie.Found here.
Illustration by Maarten Donders to a story by Josh Tierney.
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The Tahbes Synchro Camera is a bare metal camera, made in the Netherlands c1947-48.
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World without water.
(Den Aardkloot van water ontbloot, na twee zijden aante sien.)Dutch, 1690.
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Illustration by Zeloot. (Via The Strange Attractor).
Caravans by Erik de Jong.