Top and Bottom of a Turtle.
Wie die Hottentotten Elephanten fingen. (How the Hottentots caught elephants).
Engraving found here.
Horse & Lion.
Engraving by Antonio Tempesta.
I’m not sure where I found this image, but there’s some info on it here.
Fox with Mask.
Engraving by Aegidii Albertini Hirnschleiffer (1645). Found here (via ulvehund).
Renaissance Gang Sign.

Hendrick Golzius’ right hand (1588).Found here.
Crab Claw.
Found here.
Supposed Indian method of catching whales. (ca. 1595)Facsimile from Theodor de Bry.
Found here.
Swordfish attacking a diver (1893).From La Science Française.
Found here.
Creepy Crawly.
Found here.
From Nautica Mediterranea by Bartolomeo Crescentio (Rome 1607).
Found here.
Opera Omnia.Engraving by Jeremias Drexel (1662).
Found here.
Bad luck 2.
Previously: Bad luck 1.
Woodcut by Hans Baldung, dated 1544-1545
Found here.
Bad luck 1.
Flying Freaks.
From De monstris Patavii, by Fortunio Liceti (1668).
Found here.