He Disappeared into Complete Silence plate 8 by Louise Bourgeois.
Horse & Lion.
Engraving by Antonio Tempesta.
I’m not sure where I found this image, but there’s some info on it here.
Forms Derived from a Cubic Rectangle (1990) by Sol Lewitt.Set of twelve etchings with aquatint.
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Entry of Ernst, Archduke of Austria, into Antwerp.
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Illustration from Getreue Abbildungen Naturhistorischer Gegenstände by Johann Matthäus Bechstein (1795-1807).
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Death and the Buck.

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From Voyages made in the years 1788 and 1789 from China to the northwest coast of America. Italian. Via Peacay
True illustration of a monster born to a pig (1742).
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catching a whale
from Della CavalleriaGeorg Engelhard Löhneysen, 1624