Origami. Poster for a solo exhibition by Shigeo Fukuda in the U.S.A. (1971).
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Rückblick in die Beschleunigung.A.R. Penck at Art Basel Miami Beach 2013.
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Dismounted by Jules de Balincourt.
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Pegam in Lambergar, an OHO publication from 1968.
"The OHO group was the most active, daring and innovative phenomenon on the Slovenian art scene during the 1960’s."
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Horse & Lion.
Engraving by Antonio Tempesta.
I’m not sure where I found this image, but there’s some info on it here.
Drawing by Martín Ramírez.
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Fighting Stallions (1534) by Hans Baldung.
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Wifredo Lam, Satan, 1942
Two Noblemen Killing a Tiger.
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Rancho Texas.
Polish movie poster byJerzy Flisak, 1959.
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Illustration by Olivia Sautreuil.
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Horse sculpture.
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Illustration by Andre da Loba.
Horse by Mimmo Paladino.