Nouveau Larousse Ménager (1955).
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Wie die Hottentotten Elephanten fingen. (How the Hottentots caught elephants).
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The Girlie Werewolf Project: Between the Wolf and the Dog by Jazmina Cininas, 2000-2004
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Four of the Twelve Benevolent Deities (Ajira, Anchira, Shotora and Shindara).
Kappazuri (stencil print) by Mori Yoshitoshi.
Pocket Knife.
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Owl from Historiae Animalium by Conrad Gesner.Woodcut by Lukas Schan (1555).
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Universitätsbibliothek Kiel. Nürnberger Schembart-Buch, f.247. 17th century

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Horse & Lion.
Engraving by Antonio Tempesta.
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Hanuman fighting Ravana, 19th century