Collage by Neil Haas on a book of sculptures by Henry Moore.
Mustached helmet.
Found here.
Yup’ik Mask.
Found here.
Fox with Mask.
Engraving by Aegidii Albertini Hirnschleiffer (1645). Found here (via ulvehund).

Shrunken Human Face. Ryan Matthew’s Collection. Photo by Sergio Royzen.
Whale Bone Mask.
From Eskimo Art by Cottie Burland, published by Hamlyn (1973).
Dan Mask.Photograph (1918) by Charles Sheeler.
Found here.
Mask from the Cloud Cuckoo Land performance by Roderick Hietbrink.Seen at the Rijksakademie.
Found here.
Cloud Cuckoo Land (2012) by Roderick Hietbrink.
Seen at the Rijksakademie today.
Found here.

max zerrahn
Wooden deer mask.
Found here.
NAD (Paul Klee Spinalman).Digital (?) sculpture by Jon Rafman.
Found here via but does it float.