Green Haze. Painting by Karla Wozniak.
Found here (via here).
Untitled painting by Chris Johanson.
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Windy – Fallen Fruit from Frisland. Painting by John Kørner.
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The Day Returns too Soon (2013).
Painting by Kaye Donachie.
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Rosy Fingered Dawn at Louse Point (1963).
Painting by Willem de Kooning.
I returned to look at the real thing at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam yesterday. It is hard to do justice to the colors here.
Image scanned from Willem de Kooning – The North Atlantic Light 1960-1983, published by Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 1983.
Portrait of Roger Avermaete (1919).Painting by Jan Cockx.
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Red Devil Color Chart No. 1 (1963). Painting by Jim Dine.
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I Don’t Know.
Painting by Pepa Prieto.Found here.

Carlo Zinelli’s work is unusual not only for its exceptional inventiveness and stylistic independence, but also for the aesthetic and cultural components that form it, which would seem to contradict his modest origins. Featured in RV 29.
I draw and paint naked people. This here is Stephan, he’s a dancer.See many more naked boys and girls over here.
Big Monkey Head #2. Painting by Allison Schulnik.
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Mermaid with Legs #2.Painting by Allison Schulnik.
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Simple by Konrad Wyrebek.
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De maat der jaren. Painting by Erik Mattijssen.
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