Paris, Rue du Chateau d’Eau, (l’été).
Illustration by Brecht Evens.
Portrait of Walter Lippman by Ronald Kitaj.
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Horizon Notations. (XVI) Horizon, Mögliche Farben des Horizonts, Position, Himmelsrichtung, Externe Zentren I-VII.
By Jorinde Voigt found at but does it float.
Spread from David Hockney’s Vogue Paris, 1985.
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American Visions, 1988.
Jacob Lawrence, originally painted for a 1972 Munich Olympic Games poster.
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La Perspectiva como Forma Simbolica.By Erwin Panofsky, Tusquets Editores, 1973.
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Deß weitberümbten Mathematici und Ingenieurs Perspectiva by Samuel Maraloys (1629).
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Woodcut by Hans Baldung, dated 1544-1545
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Geometrie & Perspektive & Figur, 1615, by Lucas Brunn
I love the flawed perspective in this image.
Complete Female Remedy, Dr. Kilmer & Company.
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I can’t do anything right!
From an early artists manual by Ludovico Mattiola, 1728
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Reverse perspective.Prophet Mohammed (without face) at the Kaaba, Mecca. Ottoman miniature from the Siyer-i Nebi
An example of reverse perspective.Last Judgement. Tracing of an Ottonian miniature from the Book of Pericopes of Henry II (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich, early 11th century).Found here.