Furðudýr. Collage by Erró.
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Carlo Zinelli’s work is unusual not only for its exceptional inventiveness and stylistic independence, but also for the aesthetic and cultural components that form it, which would seem to contradict his modest origins. Featured in RV 29.http://ift.tt/1c6Wxmj http://ift.tt/1iQNYRA
Vietnam Diptych, 1969.Painting by Jeff Keen.
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“Flex-Sil Reloaded” at Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen
Вождь краснокожих.
Russian book cover illustrated by Бриммер, Н.
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Salto mortale II.
Sit sit sit, 10.
Poster for an exhibition by Gary Hume at Matthew Marks Gallery.
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Martin O’Neill’s collage offcuts. LOVELY
Dochodzenie (Investigation) by Mieczysław Kurpisz (1984).Book cover design by Wieslaw Rosocha.
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Bathing girl by Axel Linderholm.
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 The Spirit of Comedy (1928) by René Magritte.
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Classical Painter by Rick Briggs.
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