Parallel Intervals (1980) by Richard Kostelanetz.
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1968 Polish poster for EVERYTHING FOR SALE (Andrzej Wajda, Poland, 1968)
Designer: Franciszek Starowieyski (1930-2009) [see also]
Poster source: Terry Posters
Leopard Alphabet by Eric Metcalfe (Dr. Brute) 197.
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Allah painted on the wall of a mosque in Edirne, in the north of Turkey.
Photograph by Ara Güler.
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2528 x Thank you for following!
Numerals found here.
Imagination of Letters.
Poster by Ikko Tanaka.
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From a Chinese typography primer by Ju Bingnan (余秉楠).
22 by Willem Stapel.
Type forms sink into obscurity when compared to the human female form.- Herb Lubalin
From U&LC Volume one, Number One, 1973.
Minnesota Zoo numerals by Lance Wyman (1981).
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From Westvaco Inspirations for Printers 210, 1958.
Pages originally from The Spectacle of Sport (Sports illustrated), published by Prentice Hall in 1957.
One By One.
My work is featured in this new book by Hesign publishing.
Spoor 4.
From Facetten van de Boekdruk published by Van Gelder Zonen b.v. 1952.Design by Dick Elffers.
Title page from The Atlas of the United States Printed for the Use of the Blind by S.G. Howe, 1837. Found at David Rumsey Map Collection (via).