「六月の夜と昼のあわいに」 恩田陸 朝日新聞出版 読了。
West African Islamic Teaching Tablets.
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Martin AssigDie Beute #153. 2009Wax and coal on paper30 x 23,5 cm
Studio Voice Magazine Vol. 405, 9 September 2009.
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Gentlemen to the left!
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Invisible City.Poster by Chermayeff & Geismar Associates, New York,  1972.
Found at AIGA Design Archives.
Albert Gleizes 1881–1953: A Retrospective Exhibition.By Daniel Robbins, Published in 1964.
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Font by Dehli sign painter Kafeel.
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London newspaper bills issued on August 22, 1939.From an article in the Alphabet & Image magazine. The outbreak of the Second World War was imminent as these headlines show. Found here.
Le Priam “Exotype hellénique”.Typographic composition by Jean Alessandrini.
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GORO. June 9, 1977.Special feature on Cherry Curry from the Runaways.
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La Terreur.
Page from Typo Gabor by Paul Gabor.
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