Yup’ik Mask.
Found here.
Parcheesi game board.
Found here.
Cat by Linvel Barker.
Found here.

Ammassalik, Greenland, 1934 (via musée du quai Branly: Amériques)
Panoply of Ray Guns
Found here.
Wooden deer mask.
Found here.
One By One.
My work is featured in this new book by Hesign publishing.
West African Islamic Teaching Tablets.
Found here via Art Propelled.

herriott grace

A group of Early American cutting boards as seen at www.remodelista.com.
Toothpick server in the shape of a porcupine.Design by Laurid Lønbor, 1960’s, Denmark. 
Found here.
Wooden HippoDesign by Kay Bojesen.
Found here (via anothersomething).
White Blocks by Fort Standard.
Carved wooden head of a Christian martyr, Europe, (ca. 1550).
Found here (via Meinbert Gozewijn Van Soest).
Wooden Inuit Mask.
Found here.